Development, manufacture, modernization, service of the medical x-ray equipment.
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 X-ray Equipment Plant "Kvant" (TOV “ZRO “Kvant”)


The history of the plant started in 1989, when small work collective of specialists and like-minded persons began to develop production of x-ray systems equipment for medical purposes. Since the beginning all the efforts were bended to support the therapeutic and prophylactic institutions with the high-quality, competitive equipment. We passed way from the small company for the repair of X-ray equipment to the large production enterprise with the contemporary material and technical base and the unique developments in the sphere of medical X-ray diagnostics. Today ZRO "Kvant" was reorganized into the foremost Ukrainian enterprise for the X-ray diagnostic technology production, which has its own material, technical and powerful production base, introduces the contemporary technologies of production process. Its own complete cycle of the medical X-ray diagnostic equipment production is disposed at the plant, is proposed entire complex of works on installation, instruction of medical personnel and service maintenance of its production is proposed.

Because of the original developments and the high level of performance our production does not be inferior in the quality to analogous imported models. Now already more than hundred units of the X-ray diagnostic equipment of trade mark "Kvant" are exploited in all regions of the Ukraine. In the Ukraine plant was the first who began development and putting into medical practice of digital systems for conducting the screen fluorographic examination and until nowadays it continues to lead in the field of digital technologies development. Within three years it was developed and realized: the specialized mobile office of digital X-ray diagnostics "Indiars-P", cabinless fluorograph "Indiaskan-01" and universal table-support with remote control "Indiasсop". The equipment of trade mark "Kvant" is complete with digital system on the base of firmware "Neiron".

Paying considerable attention to the qualitative and prompt service of its equipment in the regions of the Ukraine, ZRO "Kvant" created the certified service centers, whose specialists grant aid rapidly and competent.

X-ray Equipment Plant "Kvant", being in cooperation with Institute of Medical Radiology at Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Computer Diagnostics Problems, analyzing world experience in x-ray systems branch, taking into account the wishes of physician-practitioners, constantly it works at the improvement of production, which is let out, by the expansion of the network of service departments and by the attraction of new partners.