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The x-ray diagnostic universal complex

The system is used for digital radiography screening in full-format of chest - to detect early tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases with obtaining of image on the monitor, its digitally processing and record in PC memory in digital form. Control by the system is made from X-ray workstation as an interactive remote control «Full-operating console». The presence of the voice guidance during the examination procedure simplifies the work of X-ray laboratory assistant. 


Characteristic features of a specialized X-ray diagnostic system KRD «INDIascan» with digital image processing and its advantages over cabin analogs:
• Reflected and secondary X-ray radiation is absent that is not only reduces radiation exposure to the patient, but also allows you to obtain the high-contrast X-ray images;
• There is no procedure for lifting/lowering of the patient, closing/opening doors;
• Lack of "enclosed space" significantly improves physical and psychological comfort of patients, and significantly reduces the risk of injury;
• Since there is no limit of space on each side, X-ray laboratory assistant has the opportunity to ideally set the patient for X-ray examination, even when he has physical disability or not standard build;
• The patient is in the field of X-ray laboratory assistant research throughout the procedure;
• Lack of mechanisms of door drive and stand significantly increases reliability and repairability of fluorograph;
• The presence of high-power monoblock device and standard collimator significantly increases reliability and safety of examination.


Mains supply (single-phase) 220±22V, 50±1 Hz
Power of generator 15 kW
Anode voltage from 40 kV to 125 kV
Anode current from 30 mA to 160 mA
Exposure dose in the plane of the input screen no more than 0.4 mR
Time of x-ray exposure 0.01 to 2.5 s
Spatial resolution no less 2.2 p.l./mm
Dynamic range no less150
Threshold contrast no more 2%
Range of scanning movement 30 cm
Fixed focal distance 100 cm

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