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The x-ray diagnostic universal complex

Universal X-ray system of KRD «INDIascop» is used for all types of radiographic examinations in trauma wards, X-ray rooms in medical establishments of general purpose. The system provides digital radiography, fluoroscopy and horizontal longitudinal tomography on the universal tilting table. Universal tilting table with remote console «INDIascop» is used for radiography, fluoroscopy, horizontal longitudinal tomography in pediatrics, traumatology, myelography, gastroenterology, urology, digital angiography and many others.

Using of universal digital detectors allows to achieve high medical and technical characteristics:
- remotely controlled diagnostic tilting table with universal possibilities is produced in the digital version with using of digital detector for obtaining of X-ray images;
- radiologist is able to perform all kinds of examinations as remotely from a control-room using console, and with help of remote control on the table;
- remote control console is made using ideology «Full-operating console» and Touchscreen technology, it allows you to manage the system and exposure settings, to process the received digital x-ray images, to fill database.

Universal tilting table has 3 modifications:
- «INDIascop» PROFESSIONAL (+90°/-90°, SID 100-180 см)
- «INDIascop» STANDART (+90°/-90°, SID 100-150 см)
- «INDIascop» ECONOM (+90°/-30°, SID 100-150 см)

Technical characteristics «INDIascop» STANDART

Tilting table
The angles of slope± 90°
Size of table-top (LxW) 220x70 cm
Focal distance is changed in range100-150 cm
Working area of the X-ray radiator and digital detector 170 cm

Type of tilting table is with the tomography function:
The angles of tube slope -40° до + 40°
Angles of tomography 8°, 15°, 30°, 40°
Height of cut during tomography no less than from 0 to 30 cm
 There is availability of electronic indication of slice thickness

Digital detector
The size of active area no less than (432±5) х (360±5) mm
The spatial resolution in RAD mode not less than 4.0 pl/mm
The spatial resolution in RF mode not less than 1.5 pl/mm

X-ray generator
 Type of generator microprocessor controlled high frequency
Power of X-ray generator no less 50 kW
Frequency 400 kHz
Radiography (RAD) 40-150 kW
Fluoroscopy (RF) 40-125 kW
Exposure time0,001-6,3 sec
 X-ray generator has a built-in power tube overload protection

It’s provided by certified hardware-software system "NEYRON", which is integrated in DICOM and provides:
- maintaining a database of patients and archives;
- viewing of images in a fixed zoom, fixed area;
- zooming, function "positive-negative", gamma correction, measurements;
- automatic selection of the brightness and contrast of the selected area;
- viewing of images from the archive, including for defined period of time;
- sorting and quick search for patient diagnosis, risk group, last name, date of examination and etc;
- monitoring and registration of technical parameters of performed examinations;
- preparation and printing of reports, etc.

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