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Movable cabinet of x-ray diagnostic
Movable X-ray fluorographic

 Movable X-ray fluorographic machine 

Description: Movable X-ray aimed for carrying out of mass fluorography of patients’ chest in stand-position in straight and lateral projections with getting of image on monitor of computer, its digital processing and recording in the memory of PC or at CD/DVD in digital form.

This machine allows to team of 2-3 persons promptly and safely to move on significant distances, operatively (for 15-20 minutes) organize X-ray room and to start checkups.
-    Unlike the others digital movable X-ray fluorographic machines,
Movable X-ray installed on bus chassis of middle class with safe and economical engine.
-    Ah the heart of construction is taken integral body of original, corrosion-proof, technologically advanced construction at CIS.
-    X-ray protective cabin is original construction, that is installed across of saloon, gives an opportunity to separate zones of medical staff and patient’s location. Original construction of cabin is protected by Patent of Ukraine on industrial model.
-    Power supply with microprocessor control provides effective work of system in real field environment.



The set of X-ray fluorographic machine delivery includes
1.    Movable X-ray fluorographic machine “INDIars-P” with digital processing of images on bus chassis of middle class А092 “Bogdan”;
2.    Automatic working place of radiologist;
3.    Automatic working place of X-ray laboratory assistant;
4.    Printer for printing of the results of checkups.
Power supply with microprocessor control
    -    Parameters of mains supply: 220±22 V, 50±1 Hz
    -    Resistance no more then 0,3 ohm
    -    Range of changing of anode current since 30 till 100 mA with step 1 mA
    -    Range of changing of anode voltage since 40 till 120 kV with step 1 kV
    -    Power supply has built-in system of self-diagnosis.
Digital detector is characterized following main parameters:
    -    size of  examination field 380х380 (
±10) mm;
    -    spatial resolution no less then 2.5 pair lin/mm;
    -    threshold contrast no more 2%;
    -    dynamic range no less 50;
    -    time of getting image on monitor is no more 10 sec.

Automatic working place of X-ray laboratory assistant
It’s PC type “Notebook” suitable for transportation and mobile using in the time of work with automatic working place of radiologist.
Automatic working place of radiologist
It’s automatic working place of radiologist by way of stationary working place, which is installed in patient care institution.
It’s personal computer on the basis of modern processor.
Electronic archive with the quantity of patients no less than 200 000
Presence of printing devices for images and reports.
Presence of set of equipment for joining of working places in computer network for data exchange.

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