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Ward (mobile) X-ray systems

The system is used for carrying out X-ray images of non-transportable patients in hospital wards, traumatology centers and also at field, expeditionary and others non-hospital conditions. It can be effectively used during emergency medical care, for diagnosis of traumas in field conditions and other emergency situations.

  The system consists of the support with traverse on which the monoblock is fixed. It can move vertically and rotate around its axis in two planes. This allows making X-ray examinations in any patient positions. 

Little weight and optimized dimensions of the system provides easy and convenient movement in limited spaces, stairs, elevators, footpaths etc.
The construction of support of the system allows for one man without additional efforts to fold-up, to carry and to transport the system without limitation in the transport vehicle.
The height of the turning wheels from the floor surface less than 10 cm.
The range of exposure area is defined by light localizer. The control of exposure is carried out with help of manual console with a remote cable. The system is switched on to mains supply using simple plug socket 16 A.
X-ray exposures can be done on all types of X-ray cassettes with intensifying screens, radiographic cassettes, remote digital detectors and flat-panels. The interface for their using and controlling is provided.



Parameters of mains supply single-phase 220±33V, 50±1 Hz
Range of working of electric mains voltage from 198 V to 242 V
Power of generator 5 kW
Anode voltage from 40 kV to 110 kV
Setpoint relays, quantity of electricity from 2.5 mAs to 100 mAs
Current consumption (short-term) no more than 16 A
The size of focus spots is: small - 0,6 mm; large -  1,0 mm
Size of field bounded by collimator (1 m) 40 сm х 40 сm
Distance (focus-floor) 180 cm
Speed of the moving on stairs in transport position no more than 30 steps per minute
Weight of the system 45 kg



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