Development, manufacture, modernization, service of the medical x-ray equipment.
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The results of international audit

21 January 2010
The results of international audit showed the high level of work of all subdivisions of ZRO KVANT

By the results of international audit for verification of the management quality system to accordance to the International Standart ISO 13485:2003 for the medical devices, that took place from 19 to 21 January 2010, once again ZRO KVANT confirmed high organization of development, production, delivery and service processes of own x-ray diagnostic equipment.

An audit was conducted by Czech certificated institute of ELECTROTECHNICAL TESTING INSTITUTE (EZU), which has accreditation to certificate the producers of medical equipment. 

Once againe KVANT  confirmed the orientation on:

-  our customers needs, their wishes and remarks,

- accordance to the world standarts of quality,

- comprehensive analysis of the management quality system functioning,

- introduction of innovative technologies,

- providing high level of qualifications and professionalism of our workers. 

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