Complex X-ray diagnostic KRD «INDIagraf-02» (digital)

Designed to perform x-ray images of non-transportable patients in the wards, x-ray rooms, trauma centers of medical institutions and beyond. Effective in providing first aid and diagnosis of injuries in the field and in emergency and martial law.

KRD "INDIagraf-02" has advantages among devices of a similar class:

  • allows to use in monoblock radiators of x-ray tubes of different power 5-8 kW (analogues have tubes with a power of 3-5 kW)
  • easy movement around the medical institution to the place of work due to compactness, convenient design and weight of 50 kg (analogues have a weight of 150-300 kg)
  • control of picture modes (kV, mA, exposure time) using an interactive remote control with a touch screen with a diagonal of 7 "(analogs have a remote control with mechanical buttons and switches)
  • powerful radiation due to 200 kHz conversion and the accumulation of electrical energy - reduces radiation exposure to the patient (analogues have a conversion frequency of 50 Hz - 40 kHz);
  • It is possible to use battery power.
Power of generator 5 kW (8 kW*)
Time of x-ray exposure 1 - 10 s with step 1 ms
Anode voltage 40 - 125 kV with step 1 kV
Mains supply 220 ± 22 V, 16 А
Weight of the system 45 kg