Complex X-ray diagnostic KRD "INDIagraf-02" (film)

A high-quality and powerful device is designed to perform X-ray images of non-transportable patients in wards, X-ray rooms, trauma centers of medical institutions and beyond. Effective in providing first aid and diagnosis of injuries in the field and in emergency and martial law.

The device consists of a tripod, on the traverse of which a monoblock is fixed, moves vertically and can rotate around its axis in two planes.

Light weight and optimized overall dimensions of the device provide easy and convenient movement in a limited space, on steps, elevators, pedestrian walkways, etc.

The design of the tripod allows one person to make, carry and transport the device without restrictions in choosing a vehicle.

The height of the frame with swivel wheels (less than 10 cm) allows you to use the Complex with functional beds, neonatal incubators, surgical tables and other medical equipment.

Using the interactive control panel, control of image modes, maintaining a patient database, archive, as well as monitoring the operation of a digital camera or a flat panel detector if available.

The limits of the irradiation field are determined by the light centralizer.

A power device with a conversion frequency of 200 kHz has its own energy storage and can be connected to a standard 16 A Euro socket.

(Battery version available).

Power of generator 5 kW (8 kW*)
Time of x-ray exposure 1 - 10 s with step 1 ms
Anode voltage 40 - 125 kV with step 1 kV
Mains supply 220 ± 22 V, 16 А
Weight of the system 45 kg