Complex X-ray diagnostic KRD «INDIagraf»

A compact digital radiographic complex of the U-arc type, which is ideal for primary care hospitals, outpatient facilities, emergency rooms of multidisciplinary hospitals, and trauma departments.

The complex allows you to conduct most x-ray studies in a standing, lying, sitting position, in a direct, lateral and oblique projections. The design of the complex allows for low-dose screening of the population.

The tripod has motorized movements for raising / lowering the U-arc, its rotation and changing the focal length.
The compactness of the complex makes it ideal for installation in x-ray rooms of a small area.
The complex is equipped with a mobile gurney with an X-ray transparent deck.

The angle of slope 120˚(150˚)
Focal distance from 100 to 150 (180) cm
Mains supply 380±38 V
Power of generator 32 (50) kW
Anode voltage from 40 to 150 kV
Time of x-ray exposure from0,01 to 2,5 s
Size of active area 43х43 cm
Spatial resolution not less than 4,0 pl/mm 
The distance from the floor to the table-top not more than 750 mm